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Community Mental Health Centers in Vienna (PSD-WIEN)

The COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH CENTERS IN VIENNA, the PSD-Wien, is the biggest provider of psychiatric outpatient care in Vienna. In the event of a psychiatric illness or an acute psychiatric crisis, affected persons receive state of the art treatment and support services.

About us
The COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH CENTERS IN VIENNA represent a network of treatment facilities, counseling and liaison services aimed at securing comprehensive social psychiatric primary mental health care. The “Kuratorium für Psychosoziale Dienste in Wien”, the responsible body, was incorporated as fund during the Viennese Psychiatry Reform in 1980 and is financed by public funds.
Vienna’s sectorized mental health care system consists of eight defined catchment areas. A social psychiatric outpatient clinic is located in all of these catchment areas, each comprising approximately 200.000 inhabitants. This ensures that, in case of a psychiatric disease, all Viennese inhabitants have direct access to comprehensive treatment services and therapy opportunities in their immediate neighborhood.
Our Target Group
Our primary target group consists of adults above the age of 18, who live in Vienna, who suffer from a psychiatric disorder, and who, due to their mental illness, are in need of psycho-social care. Furthermore, we offer treatment and mental health care for children and adolescents, as well as for the elderly. These services are provided in specialized outpatient clinics and treatment facilities. We also provide counseling and support for relatives, partners, family members and others close to the affected person.

Our Goals
Our aim is to grant all affected persons the best possible treatment and, if required, to offer them a variety of assistance programs in all areas of life. Thus, we want to improve the affected persons’ quality of life for the long-term. In addition, we want to enable chronically mentally ill persons to lead an independent life in their familiar surroundings.

Our Main Tasks
Our principal tasks are diagnostics and treatment of psychiatric diseases, crisis intervention, arrangement of rehabilitative programs, and the realization of mobile services, such as home visits. If patients require additional psycho-social care, we offer them numerous services within their familiar surrounding (environment management). We consider networking and cooperation with other service providers, associations, medical specialists, general practitioners, and solicitors as especially valuable.

Our Facilities
Our facilities include:

  • eight social psychiatric outpatient clinics (“general adult psychiatry“)
  • one clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry with an associated day clinic
  • one psychiatric emergency unit (open twenty-four hours, seven days a week)
  • one center for gerontopsychiatry
  • one institute for psychotherapy
  • specialized treatment facilities in the areas of housing and day structure (therapeutic day centers and club)
  • counseling centers for specific problems
  • linkage and liaison services to community-based and hospital-based service providers and other institutions in the social welfare system

Our Services
Our treatment services have a low access threshold; i.e., mentally ill persons can easily and flexibly access our services. Our treatment opportunities, counseling, and support services are flexibly adjusted to the individual needs of our patients.

Our Staff
A multidisciplinary treatment team, consisting of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, and psychotherapists, guarantees an optimal range of treatment and support services for persons suffering from mental illnesses.
Our staff members are highly qualified and professionally competent. Their expertise in mental health care is guaranteed by ongoing training, education, supervision, and quality circles.

How to find us

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